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Chirayu Chest and Critical care centre of Pulmonology and Critical Care is managed by a qualified and experienced staff Lung Volumes, Diffusion Capacity, Respiratory Drive, Airway Resistance and Chest Wall Compliance etc. For maore detail contact Chirayu chest and critical care hospital in Nagpur.
Chirayu chest and criticare hospital is one of the best hospital for chest and other chest chest related problms in nagpur
Chirayu chest and Critical Care have dialysis facility
Patient with boar bite with sciatic nerve damage and muscle injury with foot drop with septic and hypovolemic shock maƱage at chirayu chest and critical care after immediate plastic surgery, nerve repair with flap followed by 15 days of critical care and physiotherapy patient went to home with smile face.
Expertise bronchoscopy and thoracoscopy by experience doctor @chirayu chest & critical care
Chirayu chest and critical care provides 24 hours emergency services and ICU care